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New Designs- are there any?

IT would seem that all generic crane designers (if in fact there are such a things) are stuck in the rut of the ever glorious Whiting Hand book. We here at Western Slope Livery have a panoramic view that does include the world view.... we strive to comb through the internet to at least become aware of who and what are installing cranes around the world.......Companies like Sarens and Liebherr are
constructing some of the largest and highest capacity cranes to solve construction module assemblies. these units are leveraging better
construction materials along with better design analysis.
how about the more innovative units utilizing a different design philosophy driven by different constraints? For example, wall mounted traveling Jibs With a rotating jib arm ( These take less room on the production floor, offer rotation articulation, and can serve several machines on a production floor. utilize existing production rotary bearings.
Hark, the real problem is not considering the full utilization of the unit. But rather COST, only the COST......

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