Operational Aids

what is your operator aid?

Many are not sure what or how to identify an "operational aide"? or even what to do when it QUITS?

All rules (in this case is derived by the units chart) will develop "working load radius" "boom angle" and "boom length". With these three definitions a crane can operate.

We must understand what the statues many states there is a requirement for an operational aide over a given capacity or boom length. There also maybe a internal corporate safety policy for this event.

Consideration must be given to spare parts in this case...many do not consider retaining spare parts due to the expense required. In the event of a failure, statues, and corporate policy come into play. You will in fact find yourself not operating safely.

Lets cover the basic terminology first..... three category's exist. The first LMI (load moment/movement indicator). The second RCL (rated Capacity Limit) and finally the RCI (rated capacity indicator). This is our class of device. Manufacturers may have installed this device at the factory. More commonly the device was installed after the initial purchase. This is where the customer sometimes looses on the deal.

Devices are dependent on the install, the installation company and primarily the crane chart! Most pratfalls start here in the process. Generally, a salesman contacts some one in operations and "makes" the sale, preferably not on the price point but rather the capabilities. Here is where the language becomes highly technical and is lost upon the purchasing group.

The "chart" maybe and generally is directly connected to the crane serial number and THE correct document for inclusion into the device. Many times this is the beginning of a problem. The internet is a wonderful thing, however it generally should not be used in chart acquisition. The only reliable source is the manufacturer and all are willing to provide that data.

In my next installment, we will cover the type category of these devices more in depth.

Thanks for you attention, see you soon...

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