3D scanning- CRANES

We examine all aspects of crane structure. We have a customer that created a 8 hoist synchronized system. the structural design was completed outside of the State of California, that being said; for other reasons we had to evaluate the structural competence of the under hung railway. It was directly observed that the railway had noticeable deflection. Western Slope Livery was commissioned to evaluate deflection in terms of the Sate of California structural codes. it should be noted here that another dynamic included in our evaluations is the seismic dictates of the region.

A 3D scan of the entire structure was commissioned (250' X 500') to capture the overall dynamics of the deflection in each of the eight runways, this was a bit of a task. the competence was also evaluated in a structural modeling program to parallel the evaluation conducted by the 3D scan. many unique dynamics were revealed. as the hoist was to travel a standing wave was developed as seen in the scans. The finite element analysis in the structural model did not directly indicate this mode.

after many hours of analysis the two methods were correlated into a definite deflection number and predicted. Measurements at the physical exemplar were conducted in a parallel examination to the finite examination on computer......

check out the archives for a drone flyover of the site (yeh, we utilize all technologies to produce a finite deliverable) low res version......

More to follow in a subsequent post...stay tuned

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